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With headquarters in the UK and offices in the USA and China, Thermal Hazard Technology (THT) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of specialised calorimeters for Process Development, Process Optimisation and Safety.

THT provides innovative instruments and software to allow the scientist or engineer to gain quantitative heat and pressure data for the widest range of reactive chemicals, materials and products. The application range for these instruments is diverse; from bulk chemicals to specialist pharmaceuticals and from advanced materials to explosives. Calorimetry is material independent allowing measurements on a range of scales and states of matter; from pure materials to still residues, from mg of chemicals to batteries weighing kilograms.

Thermal Hazard Technology has over 20 years experience in these specialist fields and started by the re-engineering and development of the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter.

Today THT has a full range of adiabatic safety and reaction calorimeters. Calorimetry is THTs dedicated and only area of activity and with this focus THT has rapidly obtained World No1 position in this field. THT products are supported not only from its 3 main offices but by a network of qualified and experienced distributor companies. THT products are in use worldwide. In Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, more than 100 of the world?s leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies, government laboratories and universities are today using THT products.

THTs products allow measurement of heats of reaction, derivation of kinetic parameters and assessment of maximum safe temperatures and vent-sizes. The quantitative nature of calorimeters allows both scientists and engineers to easily obtain the data needed for safety calculations. Calorimetry rapidly and efficiently produces optimisation and scale up information which is not obtainable by other methods.

THT together with Thermal Hazard Consulting offer a full range consultancy options. From simple sample tests to full consultancy, with data measured on all THT products and projects throughout the areas covered by them. THT are committed to working together with companies to provide solutions for their process and safety needs.


Into the future THT has a full programme of innovation and development; this will keep THT products at the forefront of technology and address the challenges of today's scientist.